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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Land of the holy bow...

A strong earthquake shook the ground under Baluchistan’s feet on the 24th of September, 2013. The initial reports as usual placed the death toll in lower double figures, but by the next morning the numbers had risen into hundreds.
Baluchistan is a sparsely populated province, but the people living in that province are just as much the citizens of Pakistan as the people of Punjab or Sindh, but on the first day of this natural calamity the level of coverage in media was way lower than the level of reporting of some single murder event in Punjab or Sindh.

Probably Baluch extremists are to be blamed for this, because no one from among the qualified and trained staff of the media outlets wants to go to work in a province, where racial killings are a norm. But on the other hand, are journalists not supposed to be on the frontline?
What happened in Baluchistan due to earthquake, is a tragedy, but a greater tragedy is yet another exposure of low levels of knowledge and education of “opinion makers”, who lack basic understanding of natural phenomenon.
Back in 2010 a small mud island once appeared off the coast of Baluchistan and the media teams rushed to the scene. The reporters, who come from the same illiterate, superstitious society, termed the appearance of that island as a miracle and the reports were concentrated around people coming from nearby areas to cure themselves using the mud from that island, which according to one televised account had appeared at the ancient site of a “PIR’s (holy man)” tomb. The person who explained the curative properties of mud thanks to the grace of some supposed PIR, was a fisherman, whose beliefs could be discounted for his lack of education, but the person reporting from the scene, claimed to be an educated prick. 
I doubt very strongly that any of those reporters had any idea about the chain of on-land mud volcanoes in Baluchistan extending into the sea and probably they have no idea about a science called geology. Well they cannot have any idea about geology, because they earned their degree in journalism and what does journalism have in common with the science of rocks? The only common subject that students of all fields study, in Pakistan, is ISLAMYAT (Islamic Studies), so every engineer, doctor, bureaucrat, journalist, banker, builder and you name who, only always tells you about God’s mercy or fury.

You go to a doctor, he tells you: “Allah khair kare ga (Allah will be merciful)”, although Allah has nothing to do with lack of pharmaceutical supplies, sometimes lack and mostly absence of required medical equipment and most definitely Allah has nothing to do with the doctor’s own stupidity mixed with greed, indifference and incapacity, which results from the fact that most probably that doctor did not become a doctor because he/she had a passion for it, but because his/her parents wanted that. And when concerning female doctors, most definitely this is the case, so that she could get a good marital hook-up and I call it a hook-up, because the so-called arranged marriages are nothing more than a business deal between corporations called families, where deals are appreciated with equal or stronger corporations.
Talking of passions, there are no passions left in the moronic society of Pakistan, because people have seized to struggle to achieve goals. They have put all their faith in Allah and if Allah would want them to achieve something they would and in 99.9% of the cases Allah doesn’t want any Pakistani to achieve anything. So if Allah wants to test us with electricity shortages and food shortages and lack of common sense and lack of respect for human life and lack of appreciation for good things in life and lack of tolerance and with pride in stupidity, who can stop Allah?
Allah probably came to Islamabad to tell the rulers to do nothing about power shortages and most definitely Allah helped them design the corruption schemes related to power deficiencies. 
Allah did come to Lahore to tell the rulers of Punjab (Do I need to tell the name of the CM & the gang?) to buy blood test equipment using public funds and then hand that equipment over to private labs and enforce regulations requiring people to go for tests to the designated labs only and in the process spending tons of money, which ends-up completing its circulation in the pockets of the same CM & the gang.
A friend of mine, who is an engineer, when got caught in a serious financial problem, instead of taking some hard steps to avert the situation, changed his skype status to “I love Allah”. 
Well I have nothing against loving Allah, but as they say about very earthly human love: “You can’t put love on a slice of bread”.
When I think about Allah’s roll in the lives of hungry, maltreated, deprived of everything hundreds of millions of Pakistanis, I cannot help myself praise Allah: “Subhan Allah”
But what about those lots of Pakistanis, who died as a result of a blast outside a church in Peshawar? What about them? Nothing! They died because Allah ordered two “pious” Pakistanis to put on explosive-packed jackets and blow themselves up in a crowd of men, women and children. They did as they were ordered by Allah and those Pakistanis, who died, well they were not Pakistanis. Pakistan was made for Muslims and only Muslims. So what the fuck are these believers of someone except Allah doing in this land of the holy bow?
Well madams and monsieur Pakistan was not founded for just “Lovers of Allah”. Its inception was based on the idea of a homeland for the oppressed, despite their religious, ethnic or linguistic belongings. Those who doubt me, should go to Lahore museum. 
Open source image
But sorry I forgot, why would you go to a museum? There is no HADDITH or Quranic phrase telling you to go to a museum. This museum must be a devil’s abode that’s why there is no mention of museum in Quran. Even better, why don’t you go to a Maulvi to ask for his expert religious opinion about museum and if he says no, never go to the museum. 
There was this man called Mohammad Ali Jinnah, who on the 11th of August 1947 declared in a public speech that whatever might be your religion, cast or ethnic belonging, has nothing to do with the affairs of the state and that everybody was free to go to their places of worship in Pakistan. This explains and authenticates that Pakistan was not founded for these morons, who call themselves Muslims, but who are the scum of the earth crumbled up in a single country.
But speaking of Jinnah, was he a Muslim? As per “highly knowledgeable” Pakistani religious scholars (the terms religion and scholar are contradictory to each other) he was not even a Muslim. Probably that’s why he declared that the poor bastards, who dare believe in someone other than Allah could also live in this land of communal stupidity.
Now on the 24th of September, 2013,  following the earthquake a new island appeared off the coast of Gwadar and to my dismay, same illiterate reporters and news directors and same low life organizations placed their attention to that island and unfortunately three years down the line they still think that the appearance of an island post-earthquake is a miracle.
As long as people in Pakistan would keep on believing that earthquakes, floods and draughts are hardships inflicted by Allah to test our character, there would be no need for anyone to take any practical steps towards prevention, early warning or development of coordinated procedure of rescue. 
And those who bring information to the people of this clergy infested country, should take short courses in everything except for religious idiotism and should know that earthquakes are natural happenings and have nothing to do with “God’s might”.

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