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Saturday, 19 December 2015

The most expandable commodity….

Lately, the world that we all share, has become a hotbed of conflicts. All that we see and hear about, across continents, are conflicts, disputes, and grievances. Some of the conflicts are still a little short of taking-up the violent form, but most of the conflicts are in battle stage.
One of the most notable of these conflicts is the @Palestine-Israel, never-ending dispute. As in any conflict, especially the ones which enter extreme violent stage, it is hard to understand, who is right, and who is wrong. But one thing is clear, there is something not right.
A lot of people, around the world, are currently busy talking about the repeated Israeli offensive in #Gaza, and the discussion in all circles is about the Jewish atrocities against #Muslims. But is it really so?
Why is it that in countries like #Russia, where 20% of the population is Muslim, and a sizeable amount is Jewish, and where there are scores of influential Jews, they are not slaughtering each other? Why is it that Jews and Muslims can live side by side in #USA and #UK and #Germany and #France, and another few dozens of countries, but they cannot do that in the Middle-East?
Probably our take on the issue is not right? As I see it, it is the State of Israel bullying Palestinians. Unfortunately, the rulers of the state of Israel happen to be Jews, and the bombarded Palestinians, happen to be Muslims. This, as per my point of view, does not qualify the conflict as a conflict between the #Jews and the Muslims.
The collateral damage!
Violence is condemnable, irrespective of the place, where it occurs, and irrespective of the beliefs of the people, who commit violence or the faith of the ones, who are subjected to violence. 
Unfortunately, we have lost the sense of differentiation between a lot of things, and the most fluid of these mix-ups is, the difference between the state and the people. Although states are comprised of people, still states are the entities, which dictate the actions of those same people, who constitute them. 
I read the posts of people, writing about the said conflict, using platforms like #FaceBook and twitter, and I also read the posts of those, who argue that Palestinian sympathisers should not use FaceBook, because FaceBook is Jewish owned. This stand point stems from the incapability of people to understand that Mark #Zuckerberg, although being a Jew, has nothing to do with decision made by the state of Israel. 
If the religious context of all conflicts would be correct, than why are Orthodox Christians of Kiev killing Orthodox Christians of Donbas? Why are Muslims of ISIS slaughtering other Muslims in Iraq and Syria?  The simplest reason is that violence has nothing to do with faith. It is a political tool, used by states and other non-state actors to achieve certain goals. 
What happens, when IDF bombards Gaza? You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know this. People die as a result of these air-raids. Same happens in Ukraine: people die. Same is happening in Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and many other troubled territories.
Have you ever contemplated, why so many people die so easily nowadays? This is, because human beings are the cheapest commodity. Human life has no worth, in this materially incorporated world. Can you put a price on a human life? No you cannot. 
When states wage wars, they use Human beings as there resources, but when they calculate the costs of wars, they calculate the prices of missiles fired, fuel consumed, vehicles lost, transportation and communication costs etc. But no state ever calculates the human cost of the war. 
For example, when they fire a missile from an unmanned drone in the Tribal Areas of Pakistan, they kill 2 terrorists and the other 25 human lives are just termed as COLLATERAL DAMAGE. It is just like, when you peel a banana you never care about the peels. The banana inside is your target, and the peel is the #COLLATERAL-DAMAGE. Nowadays, we have devised ways of using the banana peels as bio waste to generate energy, so this COLLATERAL DAMAGE has been reduced. But, alas, human life is not even worth as much as the banana peels.
All of Gaza sympathisers, who call for boycotting Coca-Cola or Twitter or FaceBook, must first decide that if they want to do this, they should also denounce the General Theory of Relativity, because Einstein was also a Jew. So, are we ready to go this far? Of course we are not. 
We have to draw a clear line between the state, and the people. When the state of India massacred Sikhs in the Golden Temple, it did not mean that Indians were bad people. When Christian George Bush Jr, Tony Blair, and a few other opportunist culprits misled the whole world and sent their armies to murder innocent Iraqis, it did not mean that Americans or British people were bad. If the German and French governments are upholding the murder of innocent people in Ukraine, it does not mean that Germans and French are bad people. If Turkish state committed genocide in Armenia, it does not mean that Turks are bad people. Similarly, if the state of Israel is murdering people in Gaza, it does not mean that Jews are bad.
Criticism of Israel, as a state, is not a sign of #anti-Semitism. We just have to understand that, to the misfortune of the Jews living in this world, #Benjamin #Netanyahu happens to be a Jew. Due to technical reasons, the Generals of IDF happen to be Jews. But they do not represent the totality of Jews. So, we should not direct our anger towards Zuckerberg or Einstein or other Jews, around the world.
We should condemn all acts of violence, and we should stand with the oppressed, but at the same time, human beings should get together to limit the power of those, who have made human beings the most expandable commodity.

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