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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Civilization of barbarity....

There is a loud cry about the fight between the civilized and the non-civilized world! But, which civilization are we talking about? Isn’t it the Roman civilization, or the remnants of it? Of course it is!

A major part of our contemporary world is caught up in a dilemma. We are slaves to strong words and misinterpretations. We think that wrong is right and right is wrong. And occasionally, we rid ourselves of any responsibility saying that everybody’s right and wrong was different. But do we understand the implications of such extreme subjectivity?
The civilization that we so strongly try to defend, is the Roman civilization. Do we have any idea, what this Roman civilization in fact is? The Roman civilization is a set of oppressive, subjugating, and barbarian rules, which suit the select few. This set of rules always fulfilled the purposes of the select few. You don’t agree?
Go back in history, and see, what was going on in the Roman Empire. Do you think that the common people in Rome had any rights? No sir, common people were just the tools used to achieve the rulers’ objectives. For the Roman Empire the Germanic tribes were barbarians, the Persians were Barbarians, the Egyptians were Barbarians, and simply saying, every other entity except for the Roman giant, was Barbarian.
What is civilization? Civilization, in my opinion, is a set of rules that endows respect on those, who co-exist. Civilization is the name of human development, not material accumulation. Civilization cannot be based on the number of cars and computers and military hardware. Civilization is the system of respect for human existence. Those, who exterminate people cannot be civilized. Civilization should respect brains over material, and not the other way around.
If the current understanding of civilization is correct then, why is it that common Americans can be thrown out of their homes, whenever some financial crisis befalls the country, whereas the people responsible for such calamities are rewarded for making a common man’s life miserable? They are paid heavy bonuses, when thousands of people suffer because of their wrong doings. 
The Roman Empire had two sets of laws: one for the ruling elite, which was tagged as the Senate and the other for the common citizens of the Republic. The Senators made laws, which tightened the common citizen’s screws, but the Senators were above the law. If you can’t go back into history, and have a difficult time understanding this; then let’s see the current situation. 
Why is it that the rulers can travel freely, whereas the common people are burdened with travel regulations? Why are common travellers strip-searched at airports, whereas Barrack Obama or Angela Merkel never undergo the same humiliating procedures? What makes Francoise Hollande a better person than any other Tom Dick or Harry?
My friends, it is the same Roman civilization, which subjugated people, which triumphed by calling others Barbarians. If you are a US citizen, which means if you pay US taxes, you are supposed to be better than others. But if you pay taxes to some other state, especially if that state is not in agreement with the Roman hegemony, you are second grade. 
The reason is that there is no civilization left. No civility, no respect for human beings, and no regard for humanity. Thousands of people can be exterminated in Vietnam, hundreds of thousands of Japanese can be nuked, people in Gaza can be killed indiscriminately, Afghans can become cannon fodder, and peaceful Ukrainian citizens can be subjected to fascism. Belgrade can be bombed, innocent people can be exterminated in Bosnia Herzegovina, peaceful Syria can be turned into a battlefield, Somalia can be disintegrated, Libya can be attacked, and all in the name of “civilization”.
Isn’t it strange that the UNOCAL pipeline, from Turkmenistan, can be deemed as a reason good enough to subject Afghanistan and millions of Afghans to Taliban rule? Isn’t it strange that the oil and gas reserves of the Caspian shelf are basis enough to consummate Chechnya? 
When the remnants of the Roman Empire colonize a part of Ireland, it is OK. When Spain refuses to honour the right of the people of the Canary Islands, to self-rule, it is OK. When the Russian speaking 45% of the Ukrainian population claims their rights, they are labelled as terrorists. Afghans try to fight occupying forces, they are terrorists. Somalian people try to secure their waters, they are pirates. Cuba stands against imperialist hegemony, it is labelled as a dictatorship. Vladimir Putin is a dictator, because he and the Russian state stand against Western Roman hegemony. But at the same time the extremist state of Saudi Arabia is FINE, because it fuels the Roman planes and tanks.
The problem my friends is that we need to reinterpret our vocabulary. We need to call things by their names. We cannot go on calling extermination as democracy and freedom and at the same time we cannot tag freedom fighters as terrorists. Basque people are not terrorists. Irish are not terrorists. Afghans are not terrorists, and most importantly the legitimate government in Syria is not a global threat. 
The Taliban phenomenon did not occur out of the blue. The ISIS problem is not just a rainy season mushroom. We need to start looking not at the problems, but for the reasons. We need to regroup ourselves and indulge in something called the “cause and effect” analysis. 
The British media, as well as the US media, is going crazy about the ISIS (ISIL) problem, but has the British government taken any steps against the Saudi monarchy, which funnelled 1.5 billion US dollars into the making of ISIS? Why don’t the British and American republics, inform their citizens that ISIS is manned by the same elements, which were earlier busy in the north-west of Pakistan and Afghanistan. How come these people have moved from one region to another, unobstructed, when I cannot travel from one country to another unnoticed? And I am talking about thousands of trained mercenaries not 5 or 10 people.
The insurgency in Syria is financed, and supported diplomatically, because it helps the cause of the Roman civilization. The insurgency in Baluchistan (Pakistan) is supported politically, because Baluchistan is resource rich. The Insurgency in Chechnya was financed heartily, because it opened gates to the Caspian Sea. The Georgian aggression, against South Ossetia and Abkhazia, was supported and financed, because it opened the doorway to the same Caspian shelf. And now the people of Iraq and Syria are subjected to the terror of ISIS just to support the cause of the Roman civilization.
This is all very good, isn’t it? We as human beings will keep on suffering as long as we do not correct our vocabularies. As long as we will keep on terming BARBARITY as CIVILIZATION, we will suffer. People in Ukraine, Somalia, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Gaza and all other territories will keep on dying, until we will not understand the root cause of all this barbarity. And the root cause is wealth.

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