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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The mastery of deceit…

In the land of my origin, very often people use a number, when talking about others or their actions, and sometimes tag each other with the same number. Since early childhood, I used to hear people call each other: “Hey, you 420!” Well, with the passage of time, I started grasping the pitch of it. I developed the understanding that it was something taunting, at times, but mostly it meant something bad. So for me the number 420 was an indicator of bad.
When I grew-up, I came to understand that the given number corresponded to an article of the penal code of Pakistan. This specific article discussed and prescribed the definition of the crime of fraud and its punishment. So, after understanding this, whenever I heard someone using the number 420, in their conversation, I could understand that the matter under discussion had something to do with fraud and deceit.
Luckily, I was born in a time, when criminals were civilized enough to just defraud foolishly innocent people. In those good times, criminals, in Pakistan, did not watch Hollywood movies, so they avoided automatic weapons and bloodshed. But still, the society showed disdain towards the 420 citizens. It was always deemed to be a bad thing to deceive someone, and social morals discouraged such conduct.
Now, I know that penal definitions and punishments for fraud are not limited to Pakistan. Every country and every penal code has an article to deal with acts of fraud and deception. For example, Section 263 of the German Penal Code, or Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. However, Germans and Russians do not use these numbers in general conversations as in Pakistan.
The people, who fall under the effect of Article 420, are generally called conmen, or scam artists. These tags hold true on a street level. But, when multimillion or multibillion dollar corporations commit actions falling under the gravity of section 420 (PPC), the terminology changes. It is more commonly termed as tax optimization, collateral charges and by many other fancy terms. Luckily, each of the countries also have criminal laws to handle corporate fraud.
Just like the street level scam artists, corporate fraudsters are also found across the world. They come in many colors and creeds, but they are very similar, when it comes to deceiving people and systems.
One more thing, common for conmen and corporate fraudsters, is the presence of legal procedures and laws to implicate and prosecute any acts of deceit or fraud. And if found guilty, corporate fraudsters also suffer punishments. I know, many of you would say that corporate thieves are not punished as harshly as they should be. But, that is a totally different discussion.
And now, we come to the most unabated, unpunished and easiest of the types of frauds. These are state committed frauds. And believe me these frauds are not financial in nature. These frauds have very, very serious consequences. For example, a scam artist disturbs the life of a single person or of a family. Mind you the effects of street level scams wear-off very quickly, because mostly the damage is material or financial only. When a corporation commits fraud, it effects a larger number of people, but once again the damage is only financial. I am not trying to reduce the significance of the crime. But, whatever angle you look at it from, financial loss is not something fatal.
But, when states commit frauds and deceive people, the consequences are not only in the form of financial damages. The consequences of state committed frauds are fatal: dangerous for life, with long lasting effects, which might last for as long as a few generations to come.
I will not try to list state committed frauds from the beginning of times. But just in the last 2 decades, we can see multiple instances of such crimes. I am more than sure that all of you still remember the fraud committed by the US, British and NATO authorities, when they presented a student’s degree assignment, as intelligence data, and on the basis of that false data invaded Iraq.
Now, my friends, presentation of false data to achieve certain objectives, is the classical definition of fraud. Do I need to tell you, how many people have died, because of that “innocent mistake”, as termed by many ass-licking observers? The number of victims of that fraud of 2002-2003 is still rising, and I am sure that at least one more generation will face the consequences, before they would start to wear-off.
In the recent months, you must have heard or read about Turkey shooting down a Russian jet and then providing false data to support its actions. All the so-called radar data and warning audio-bites were fake. This has already been proven on the basis of the decoding of the flight data recorder (FDR), recovered from the crash site of the Russian SU-24, in Syria.
The consequences of the given Turkish fraud, will be very grave for the people of Turkey, first of all. Although, until now the consequences are more financial than fatal, but the road to fatalities has been laid. Let’s see how many generations will suffer.
Please, trust me I have not listed all state committed frauds for the last 2 decades. I don’t have space and you don’t have the time to go through them. But now, I have the honour of showing you the most recent state crime, committed by Germany. This is the cherry on the cake of deception.

The German state owned ZDF TV, aired a documentary last week, about the Ukrainian conflict. This “documentary” was hosted by Dietmar Schumann. This, otherwise claimed to be, respectable journalist, has been working with ZDF since 1990.

ZDF is a state financed channel. This means that the German people pay through their taxes for the functioning of this channel. So, to please the masters, from across the Atlantic, the German TV committed, at least, the biggest information fraud of this year. To solidify the baseless accusations that Russia is fuelling the Ukrainian conflict, by sending trained people to fight against the Kiev government, in eastern Ukraine, the Germans hired a person from Moscow and told him that he was to act in a movie, I mean a fictional story. Then they took the materials and compiled a nice “documentary”, titled “Putin: The strongman”.

You can watch the report from the Russian TV, disclosing this German state scam. The report is in Russian, but there are subtitles in English.


After watching this video and understanding the whole ballgame, I have lost my trust in German honesty, to say the least. Before today, I knew about German quality, German punctuality, and German ingenuity. But, from now on this list will be topped by German deceit!

A few questions arise in my mind, looking at all of this. Why are the German authorities going to such lengths to build the case for the fascist government in Kiev? You don’t agree with the term Fascist in this case? Ok, let’s see what the Government in Kiev, installed by the west, has been doing in Ukraine, especially eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian army and air force have bombed civilian locations (residential areas, commercial areas, and cities in general) in eastern Ukraine and they have been doing it since early 2014. The Nationalist Ukrainian government in Kiev has banned the use of Russian language in schools, although 45% of the total population of Ukraine is Russian speaking. The Authorities in Kiev ordered and carried-out military and police operations against Russian speaking Ukrainian citizens in Odessa and many other cities, killing tens and at time hundreds of people. So, now tell me please, what do you call the annihilation of population on the basis of language, ethnicity or beliefs? I call it fascism and every definition of fascism supports my point of view.

The most important question for me is that have the Germans not learnt any lesson from their own past? Have they forgotten that support of fascism results in dire consequences? And finally, what are the western countries trying to achieve, by running this campaign of deceit?

For Dietmar and ZDF, all I can say is: “You bloody 420!!!”

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