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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

It's all so wrong about rights

The word "rights", has become so much trendy, over the past few decades that it has become impossible to even understand if this word does carry any real sense or if it is just another great PR term.

You go to any news portal or open up a newspaper, the old-fashioned way, or switch on your TV or radio, and it won't be long before you come across a story of violation of rights, support for rights, and/or fight for rights. 
As always and everywhere, the set of fought-for-rights changes from time to time, and from place to place. For example for the last some time the hottest "rights" topic is "gay" rights. Who is violating their rights and why, is very secondary for me, because first of all I would like to know, who has the right to limit gayness for homosexuals? Who in their sane minds, think that heterosexual individuals cannot be gay? Because the word GAY in English means JOYFUL OR CAREFREE. So can I fight for my rights and ask the homosexual population of this world to find a new tag-word for describing themselves?
Many, even most of you, would say "NO" to my demand, because all through the twentieth century a large group of "social engineers" modified your thoughts and understandings to alter the perception of the word GAY. Now the word GAY is a tool of social and political control, so no one would like to surrender this right of labelling homosexuals as GAYS. Why did I say labelling? Because homosexuals, just like any other human being, have their bright happy and sunny days along with the gloomy, sad and rainy days, in this cocktail called life. So calling homosexuality as "joyfulness" is nothing more than a marketing technique.
Speaking of marketing techniques, does the homosexual part of the human race know that it is being marketed, just like some other product? And anyone, who is marketing them, is in fact pacing towards some other objective, riding the vehicle of "fight for Gay rights". Anyway my purpose is not to address the issue of observation or violation of rights of the homosexuals. My objective is to shed some light on the whole concept of rights, which as per my opinion, analysis, and observations, is very wrong.
A few days ago I wrote that there could be no day without a night or no good without the evil etc etc. The point was that there can be no uni-polarity. So when it comes to RIGHTS, why do we talk about them, without talking of duties? We have so many rights' issues currently that one starts thinking that the purpose of life is probably only fighting for rights.
Please do not get me wrong. I am a strong believer in observation of rights and I would always fight for my rights, but at the same time, I don't think that observation of my rights, at the cost of other people's rights, is correct. For example I like to listen to loud music and believe me since I can buy my own sound system, I have my own abode, and I pay my own electricity bill, I have all the right to blast my stereo to the maximum and have fun. But I don't do this. Because, upholding my right to enjoy my life, would cause trouble or at least botheration for many others. To enjoy my rights, it is also my duty to observe that my rights do not violate someone else's rights.
At the same time, when I go to a club, I have no problem enjoying loud music, because majority of the people in the club like loud music. I said majority, because, believe it or not, even in night clubs you will find people, who don't appreciate loud music, so it is nearly impossible to think that 100% people agree to anything. But, in the clubs, we allow ourselves the pleasure of loud music, because majority of the people favor it.
Speaking of majority, I cannot stop myself from mentioning another "top priority" rights issue, in this world today. This concerns the rights of NON-SMOKERS. This term, which depicts a real mathematical and statistical minority, is so over-rated that I cannot even write it with small letters. I don't need to elaborate all the anti-smoking regulations, being imposed all around the world, and at the same time, I don't need to tell you the number of adult humans, who smoke, but what I do need to tell you is that anti-smoking laws and regulations were imposed everywhere without any referendum or polling. The very people, who were to benefit or were to be affected by these laws, were never asked if they wanted these restrictions or not.
I am not talking about laws prohibiting sales of smoking materials, to children under the age of 18 (although in today's time and age 18 is old age!). I am also not talking about prohibiting cigarette manufacturers from advertising their products. I am talking about restricting people from consuming legally manufactured, and legally purchased tobacco products. I am talking about telling the 65% of adult humans that they are outcasts, in favor of 35% representatives of the same species. I am talking about the violation of rights of one group, to uphold the rights of another group.
Why is it that the great minds of this world can only think about saving one life by sacrificing another? Why is it that we can have sustainable peace only through war? Why is it that London can be safe only by bombing Basra?
Because, the aforementioned "great minds" come from an extremist school of thought. Please don't bother thinking that I misused the word EXTREMIST. This word most accurately depicts the law makers and ruling elites of this world.
Basra after receiving bomb loads of freedom and peace

First of all, their extremism is visible in the fact that they attempt to regulate every aspect of human life. Yes sir, every possible aspect of life. The only things that these law makers try to deregulate are things regarding money making. They love to deregulate the banking sector. They love to rid the stock market of regulatory controls. They don't want giant corporations to be regulated. But, they want to regulate your life-style. Madam Monsieur, is it not life-style regulation, when law dictates till what time can you stay out at night? For example in this city, where I am right now, all bars and clubs close at 4 am by law. I, as a human being, am not allowed to negotiate my preferences with the service provider (in this case the bar owner). Our commercial relation is limited by law.

I cannot buy beer from neighbourhood store after 9pm, but I can buy the same beer at a bar till 4am. Now someone would tell me that it is for curtailing consumption of alcohol, but softly speaking this is complete bullshit. This is not about curtailing consumption of alcohol. This is about dictating your life style.
Peace in London ensured!

In some countries, people older than 14 are allowed to vote, to obtain passports, driver's licenses, and to serve in the military. But in the same countries, 14 year olds cannot get married, cannot buy beer, and most countries would not issue them visas without parental consent. Is it not strange that I can elect a president, but I cannot decide my love life? It is all about life style. You are trained to bow to regulations from the early age, so that you might not become some Martin Luther King Jr, some day!
What do schools do? Do they educate you? Certainly not! Schools don't train your brains, they stuff them with obedience, subjugation, and submissiveness. You grow-up a slave to the system, not even knowing that. If you think that you are not a slave to the system, then why don't you ask the system to repeal all legislation and redraw regulations according to everybody's needs and requirements?
You think it is impossible? No it's not. For example the rights of non-smokers, at a public place, can be observed by not restricting the rights of the smokers, but by administering potent ventilation regulations. There can be smoking and non-smoking lounges in bars, cafés, restaurants etc., as they used to be earlier. There can be separate smoking and non-smoking establishments and there can be other solutions. But the key is to realize, and recognize, the rights of the smokers, as well as the rights of the non-smokers. The key is to have the desire to keep London safe, without bombing Basra or Syria at large.
By the way, those of you, who are spell bound by propaganda techniques, which make you believe that there is such a thing called passive smoking, need to wake-up. Because, the Carbon monoxide emitted by cars, jets, power plants, and many other industrial facilities, also ends up in your lungs. So before you start thinking about saving your lungs from minimal amounts of CO emitted through cigarette smoke, ask the government to ban cars on the roads, to give us smoke free environment. They should shut down thermal power plants, which consume fossil fuels to generate electricity, and produce billions of cubic feet of hazardous gases in the process.
More so, instead of violating human rights by declaring a vast majority of adult humans as outcasts, why don't law makers restrict cigarette manufacturers from chemically treating tobacco, and adding ammonia and another 598 chemicals? Because, it is not the tobacco, which harms health, but the treatment. Tobacco has nicotine and every human body has nicotine receptors, and every human body requires and consumes nicotine. It is the added ammonia, along with other members of the chemical family, which cause disease.
When smoke exits, the smoker's mouth, it is already filtered through the lungs of the demon, who smokes it. So the mere by-product of combustion, is as hazardous to you, PASSIVE SMOKERS, as are the exhaust fumes of your own car.
Although I have gone into details about false propaganda based on passive smoking, my objective is not to discuss or promote smoking. My objective still is to talk about the wrongfulness of this decayed system of rights.
For example let me again talk about the homosexual few of the human race. Can those transgender individuals, who live in countries, where their rights are observed, answer one question? When they get a passport or any other state document, which shows your gender, does it say that you are male or female or does it have a third option? I am talking about great countries. Where human rights are such a priority that the heads of these countries refused to travel to Sochi, Russia, to attend the opening ceremony of Winter Olympics, because according to the sources of these "great" countries, the rights of homosexuals were not observed in Russia.
On the contrary, I can tell you about a country, which, as per propaganda, is a homosexual's nightmare. But this country recognizes its TG population and respects their rights so much that passports and national ID cards have three gender options. A TG living in this country has the identity of a transgender, has the right to vote as a transgender, and has no problem coming out of the closet. This country is called Pakistan, and I don't need to add anything to give you the shivers.
So my friends, say NO to this pseudo observation of rights, which does nothing but divides the society into pockets, where each group feels threatened by the other group. If you want the observation of your right(s), start identifying your rights for yourself. Stop depending on social engineers to know your rights. What use is it to ask for any rights, when I don't even have the right to know about everything that the government of my country, where I pay taxes, does? I am kept in the dark about the functioning of the bodies of the state, which is supposed to be mine. I don't have the right to know, who and why is gathering my data, but they make me believe that my greatest human right is to publicly declare, who I like to sleep with?
Why don't we stop listening to and following this propaganda machine and start identifying our own rights and duties?
Let's start working on ways of finding optimum solutions, which would protect our rights, simultaneously, not violating anyone else's.

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