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Sunday, 20 December 2015

I want to blame the Jews!

The notorious extremist phenomenon called ISIS has recently evolved and expanded in Western Iraq and eastern Syria. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS, ISIL)(Syria in this name is not the current state of Syria, but the broader understanding of an extended Muslim empire, otherwise named as Levant) had very successfully been making its way towards Baghdad, via lots of very holy Muslim places like Karbala. 

This Group, just like Taliban, had sprung out of nothing, with a very strong material base and has thousands of trained jihadists in its ranks. Their main objective, as always, is global spread of “Islam”.
But, how are they serving their objectives? Let’s take a deeper look into their activities. Their main method has been blowing up shrines, and Shiite mosques and historical sites in general. This does remind me of Taliban blowing up Buddha’s statue in Afghanistan. The similarities are not limited to blowing up places.
ISIS in action, fulfilling Saudi contract

Like Taliban, these ISIS warriors of “freedom” and “Islam” were trained by professionals, before they embarked on this demolition spree. The place, where these “holy warriors” received their initial training, is called Jordan. This is an Islamic state, ruled by a Muslim monarch.

The trainers were from the United States of America. The president of the United States of America is a Christian.
The initial funding for this group was channelled through Pakistan, which is also The Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The initial funds came from Saudi Arabia, which is the seat of Islam, the throne of holiness, and an epitome of bigotry.
The international mercenaries, who constitute ISIS, are all citizens of Islamic countries. And, more so, they are erasing history in the name of Islam.
The latest tomb demolished by the Wahhabi ISIS “momineen (Arabic for the ‘right ones’)” was that of Prophet Yunus (Jonah), who holds a profound spot in the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith. The Old Testament and The Quran speak of this person with a lot of praise. 
The ultimate goal of ISIS, is to get to Karbala and once they get there they will erase the place revered by millions of Muslims, as the holiest of places, and with that these “true Muslims” will help other Muslims be rid of the shrine of Imam Hussain. 
By the way if you don’t know, let me enlighten you that Wahhabism is the gift of Arabs, living in present day Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE. The person, who started this movement, was Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab. The countries, where Wahhabism is most spread (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE), are all Muslim countries. Wahhabism is the militant off-shoot of Islam. All they want is to rid the world of everyone, including mainstream Muslims and to rule the world. 
A lot of historically significant places were demolished by these people in Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. This movement is the backbone of terrorism in the world today. Wahhabism is propagated and funded by the Saudi government and is the tool of Saudi monarchs, against Shiite Muslims. 
Having said all of this, I would like to know if the Jews of Israel have demolished the Bait ul Muqadas (The Holy House)? No, they have not. And, I believe, they will not do this in the coming hundreds of years. Although Israel holds title over this territory, but even the state of Israel has abstained from barbarity. 
In late 1960s the monarch of Jordan had troubles with the Palestinian refugees. Please note that the then Monarch of Jordan was also a Muslim. He sought help from Pakistan, to safeguard his endangered throne. The Commanding officer of the Pakistani contingent was Brigadier Zia-ul-Haq. Who, mind you, was a Muslim, and such a good Muslim that he later came to be known as MARD-e-MOMIN (The righteous man). The Muslim rulers of Jordan, and Muslim help from Pakistan, managed to annihilate more than 25000 Palestinians, until the Palestinian refugees were forced out of Jordan and into Lebanon.
As recently as 2013 to 2015, the Saudi government has been paying huge amounts of money to mercenaries, to topple Syria’s Bashar al Assad, who was and still is the legitimate ruler of Syria. If the name doesn’t show his religious belonging, let me assure you that Bashar al Assad is also a Muslim. But his greatest fault is that he is not a Sunni, and more so, not a Wahhabi. 
Saudis funded Taliban in Afghanistan, all through their reign in the country. It was Saudi money, which was used to demolish Buddha’s statue in Afghanistan. Strangely enough, all Islam oriented Wahhabi movements, spend a lot of time erasing history. 
What is going on in Gaza currently and what has been going on in Palestine for more than 60 years, has no justification. But at the same time I see Jews condemning the actions committed by the state of Israel. But I don’t see Muslims showing their middle finger to ISIS or any other Wahhabi movement. I don’t see Muslims condemning the state of Saudi Arabia for funding terrorism. I don’t see Muslims standing behind Bashar-al-Assad, who is a very moderate and progressive Muslim.
I didn’t see Muslims standing behind Muammar Gaddafi, when he was hunted like a dog, by Saudi allies, the Americans. I don’t see Saudi money flowing into Bangladesh, which is a Muslim country, to fight poverty. I don’t see Saudis giving billions of dollars to Pakistan to overcome its energy crisis. But I do see how the Saudi government gave 1.5 billion dollars to establish ISIS, and mind you, once again, this money was funnelled through Pakistan.
I want to dislike Jews. But I have no reason. The Muslim rulers today are so busy slitting each other’s throats that they cannot even give me a single reason to blame the Jews.

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