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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Justification of evil!

On the 17th of December 2014, a lot of solidarity, with the victims of terrorism in Peshawar, Pakistan, was observed across the globe: Turkey observed a day of mourning with lowered flags, Indian parliamentarians observed a minute of silence, the Russian president, British Prime Minister, Chinese foreign minister, US president, and many other world leaders

extended their condolences to the grieving families, and the Pakistani nation. Vatican held special prayers for the deceased, the Patriarch of the Russian orthodox church offered a special prayer for the innocent children, slaughtered in Peshawar.
School children across India wore black bands on their faces as a sign of protest, and others prayed during their school assemblies, for the souls of the innocent victims. Thousands of people lit candles to show their support around the world, but:
At the same time the jihadist element in Pakistan had started to resurface in the society through their supporters, only one day, after slaughtering 135 children in Peshawar. Just one day after the massacre there were MAULVIS on different TV channels defending TALIBAN. Trying to tell that TALIBAN should not be targeted, for what happened on December 16 2014, in Peshawar. We must remember that it was the TALIBAN representative (KHURASANI), who called a media outlet and accepted responsibility on behalf of TALIBAN, while the children were still being slaughtered. This same TALIBAN representative even justified this killing with the sayings of PBUH.
Tahir Ashrafi (background) with the head of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi
But, unfortunately I heard Maulvi Tahir Ashrafi, vehemently, trying to prove, on Samaa TV that TALIBAN were good people. And this whiskey loving maulvi is just one example out of all those Maulvis, who had the guts to defend, and justify the slaughter of innocent children, on TV. The infamous, BURQA CLAD, maulvi of the RED MOSQUE in Islamabad (Abdul Aziz), who himself is a terrorist, and who was caught in 2007, while trying to escape the crime scene, in a BURQA (HIBA in Arabic), shamelessly blamed the state of Pakistan for Peshawar massacre, saying that the killers were pushed into the corner by the state, forcing them to do such things. Yes, I could not expect such Maulvis to condemn terrorism, because their own bread and butter is connected to terrorism. Just a day later, even more maulvis came out and started making up public opinion against the state, and in favour of the terrorists.
But I was more furious towards the editorial policies of those media outlets, which provided those killers-of-humanity, a chance to propagate their point of view. Shame on those, who invited and interviewed those maulvis!!! If we didn't want any more of our innocent children to die, at the hands of those religious fanatics, we must had changed our approach. We should not have been afraid of facing those Maulvis and telling them that they were the root of the evil.
One year down the line and what do I see today? I see reinforced positions of religious fanatics. Untruthful propaganda, about the annihilation of terrorists, by the state. I see the state of Pakistan spending huge amounts of money and human resources just to falsify the real cause of the Peshawar Massacre. The state is spending resources to make it look like just a simple attack on a school by those who do not want the children to get education. However, this has nothing to do with this stupid Malala Yousafzai line of propaganda.
The Peshawar massacre was the outcome of support and training and funding of terrorists, religious extremists and fundamentalists, by the state of Pakistan. I cannot just blame a single administration now, because a lot of water has crossed under the bridge of GHQ, since those Afghan madness days. Therefore, I can only conclude that it is still the adopted and applied policy of the state of Pakistan, which is in fact the GHQ, to support and harness these agents of destruction called religious terrorists. Sometimes they call them mujahideen, other times they are called Taliban, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish Muhammad, TNSM etc. but collectively this force of evil is called Jamaat-e-Islami, in Pakistan, and Muslim Brotherhood across the rest of the world. Unfortunately this force of evil is still active and thriving in Pakistan and unless some bearded brass and some un-bearded political fanatic goons, like Imran Khan, would lose their heads, this force of evil will only grow.
A man is known by the company he keeps!
To top this cake of stupidity with, eye-opening cream, just fathom this: Imran Khan’s PTI forged an election alliance with Jamaat-e-Islami, in Karachi. Had he not been a religious fanatic, in disguise, why would he not forge an alliance with some non-religious, non-extremist, political force? So my friends, in Pakistan, be aware of the maulvis and be more cautious about these covert, disguised extremists, who do all they can, to promote religious extremism.
And for my Muslim compatriots, I will again repeat that God is not the Maulvis’ property. Fucking-off a Maulvi, does not harm your faith and belief. So it's time to fuck-the-Maulvis to hell and regain control over our lives.

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