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Friday, 27 November 2015

Info wars

Three days after shooting down the Russian SU-24 Front-line Bomber, the Turkish Air Force has released an audio recording of an assumed Turkish Air Force warning to the downed Russian SU-24 Front-line bomber. Following is the released soundbite:

The affair...

It all started back in Helsinki, on one of those, regular for Finland, rainy September evenings. What would you do on an early Monday evening, to tackle boredom, when the options are limited? In the Finnish capital, answers to this question are limited and their numerical value is equal to the number of bars in the downtown area.
So considering the options and their limitations, I tracked my path to a bar. The door to the bar was like a border post between the wetland and the cosiness of a warm climate. I crossed the climatic line and leaving my rain drenched jacket on a hanger by the entrance approached the bar behind which the wall was laden with glassware filled with heavenly and some not very heavenly liquids of all sorts and colours.

No metal detectors.

Finland is a country without metal detectors. It seems like a premature statement, because how come in today’s world could you have a country, where metal detectors are not used? But I hope in the following lines I might succeed in establishing my position regarding this short but affirmative statement.
In today’s time and age metal detectors, body searches and all of those signs of mistrust and acts of integrity negation are so common place that we often don’t even feel offended or hurt when subjected to such procedures.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Simple words, serious consequences... Chapter 2

Wars are fought for resources, but there are resources which are imminent to conduct those wars. The resource most needed to make a war happen is the human resource. Humans unlike uranium, nickel or gas, are intelligent beings, so to use them it is not sufficient to just have control of them.
Yes there were times when subjugation was the only persuasion needed, but over the centuries, human beings have acquired knowledge and it has become difficult to just make them do

Afghanistan before and after 1980

Just a little visual demonstration of what radicalization and fundamentalism can do to your society. Afghanistan was a perfectly normal society, before the Americans, Saudis and Pakistanis entered a collaboration to bring "freedom" to the "poor" people of Afghanistan. (the photos are all open source images)

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The fish rots from the head...

Dictator Erdogan's way or the Highway
By now the news about Turkey's blunder regarding the Russian Air Force's SU-24 has definitely reached every corner of the world. Although Washington and Brussels did not condemn Turkey for so stupidly trying to expand the already very bloody Syrian conflict, but the sane people of this world have all realized the mistake that Turkey and its Islamic extremist government has committed.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Simple words, serious consequences... Chapter 1

War – a mere three letter combination that has plagued mankind since the inception of time. As events, wars are the most well-remembered and most celebrated ones. Looking into prehistoric times all we see are great battles, war heroes and unparalleled wars. 

What Greek mythology does, is that it talks of wars and battles. In the said mythology gods were at war with each other and mortals were at war amongst themselves and with gods and demigods etc. Mahabharata is a war epic, where Ram and his company fought the “evil” forces to uphold goodness, but whatever maybe the reason after all it’s all about war.

Lets kill on humanitarian basis...

(repeat publication)

There has been fierce debate at all levels, in many countries, for the last few days and in some for the last few months and in one country for more than a year, on how to disrupt the functioning of a legitimate government in Syria. 
We all remember year 2003, when White House initiated and 10 Downing Street followed a hot debate about how to rid this world of Saddam Hussain.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Nobel prize a "noble tradition"

The Most Peaceful Man alive

(I wrote this article in 2013, so don't think that  I am unaware of the current events!)

As soon as the American political elite decided that it was time for the first ever BLACK man to become the president of the United States and as soon as they found the right candidate, who even carried a Muslim middle name, probably people at the Nobel committee, who are very easily influenced by the political setup of the time, started contemplating how to highlight the height of American "Democracy", which had brought a black man to the oval office. 
They thought of nothing else, but to award Mr Barrack Hussain Obama the Nobel Peace prize. I have no doubt that people who make these decisions are very competent, highly educated and utmost unbiased.

I Love us!

No one, just no one in this world can deny looking for love. When we are born, we look for mother’s love. When we grow up we seek the peers’ love. When we step into teens we start looking for cross-gender love. Well it’s too categorical on my behalf, because some of us start seeking that cross-gender love a lot earlier!

Learning and exploring...

In my childhood, when I would read an adventure book or watch an adventure movie, I always dreamt for prolonged periods of time afterwards to go to places unexplored and acquaint myself with customs unknown and simply to reach out and touch the distant horizon.
But as I grew-up, to my dismay, I discovered that most of geographical exploration had already taken place way back in the 16th – 19th centuries and my dream of discovering new lands had very minute chances, or let’s say no chances, of fulfilment. 

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Behind the wall

Their community comprised of great numbers. Some would argue and say that although they had a huge population, but there was nothing “great” about those numbers. But anyway they were there and they were real and their native land was swarming with them.

I'm Afraid...

Long way back, why long way back?, because the time I'm referring to is my childhood and considering the speed of passage of time, it really was a long time ago, I used to be afraid of darkness. Now you say: “What's the big deal? Nearly everybody's afraid of darkness in their childhood.”
Well that's right, nearly everybody's afraid of absence of light, but I was afraid of darkness not the absence of light. Does it sound crazy? I would say yes, but it's not so.

Tool of ignorance

Hatred is a tool, used by the weak and ignorant people as catharsis. Yes as strange as it might seem, but weak and ignorant people also have something of a limited thought process. Their thought process is limited to such an extent that all they can produce is hatred.
Hatred produces intolerance, fury and lack of self-control. So when you see someone exhibiting these signs, discount their behavior for their ignorance and limitations.