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Friday, 27 November 2015

Info wars

Three days after shooting down the Russian SU-24 Front-line Bomber, the Turkish Air Force has released an audio recording of an assumed Turkish Air Force warning to the downed Russian SU-24 Front-line bomber. Following is the released soundbite:

I have posted this soundbite, so that my reader could listen to it and then decide if what I think about this baseless propaganda release is correct or not.
First of all this recording has no indication of date, which means that this recording could be of a template warning or it could had been recorded after the incident or before, for that matter. Secondly this recording does not present any indication that the given warning was issued to the Russian SU-24. When a warning is issued to a particular flying object, the warning always includes some kind of identifying indicators, to let the recipient know that the warning is targeted towards it. Now let me broaden the horizon and tell you that Syria and Iraq both are in the south of Turkey. So any Turkish plane patrolling the area adjacent to the Syrian or Iraqi border would always say: “…change your heading south immediately”.
Mind you this recording surfaced, following the rescue of the downed plane’s navigator. The survivor explicitly stated that they did not receive any warning, before being shot at. As soon as the Russian Navigator issued a statement, the Turkish and NATO propagandists came up with the idea of this recording.
The western media, as it could be expected, took this piece of recording and started a unison campaign that the Russian jet was warned. The simple indications of weak health of this recording, which I mentioned above, were too difficult for western journalists to point-out. But then, the western journalists are not paid heavily to raise questions. They are paid to take the line from certain government offices and to spread them.
Talking of journalists and journalism, I think it would be interesting for you to know that the Chief Editor of a Turkish News outlet, The Chumhuriyet, was jailed by an Istanbul court on 26th of November, pending an espionage trial. Mr Can Dundar, is accused of espionage, because his newspaper published the images of weapons, which were sent by the Turkish intelligence to Syria to arm the Turkey-backed terrorists. Mr Dundan is not the only journalist facing persecution.
In fact the Erdogan era (as prime minister and then as president) can be identified as the era of suppression of freedom of speech. Erdogan’s government blocked YouTube and Facebook on various occasions. The Turkish journalist, who first disclosed Bilal Erdogan’s connection with ISIS, soon came to know what espionage and treason were.
The Erdogan family’s connections with the terrorists are not limited to the son of the Turkish president only. Recap Erdogan’s daughter, Sumeyye Erdogan, is also running a covert medical corps to help injured members of ISIS. This medical corps, stationed in Şanlıurfa, is run by the Turkish army. Turkish army trucks are busy transporting injured ISIS members from Sanhurfa to other major towns.
Regarding the shooting down of the Russian SU-24 on 24 November, a new video has surfaced, in which a terrorist commander, speaking to Turkish and western media, took responsibility for murdering the Russian pilot and attempting to kill the navigator. This fact becomes more interesting, when you come to know that the given terrorist leader is not just leading a Turkmen gang. The Turkish government and the Turkish intelligence has been arming and training these Turkmen rebels to settle their scores with Kurdish freedom fighter, inside Syria.
Coming back to the aforementioned terrorist leader, well you might be surprised to know that the given criminal is not a Turkmen, but a Turkish citizen. He is the son of an ex-mayor of an eastern Turkish town. He is also the member of a radical militant armed group, which is associated with the Turkish MHP party.

Wagging such an absurd information war to justify the actions of the Turkish Air force, on the other hand the Turkish President, Erdogan, also stated on 26 November that they had no idea if it was a Russian plane. Now this statement, in itself, negates all Turkish claims that they had warned the Russian SU-24 Front-line Bomber. The fact is that 24 November was a clear day, with no clouds whatsoever. More so the plane was at an altitude of 6000 meters. It is normal procedure to issue radio warnings and in case of no response, try to make visual identification. If the Turkish pilot would had tried to conduct identification, he might had known that it was a Russian plane.
The fact of the matter is that the Turkish plane did not issue any warning. It was a pre-planned assault. They tried to kill the pilots also, using Turkish terrorists, so that their fairy tale about warning would not be disclosed. But fortunately enough one of the two crew members survived and blew the cover from the Turkish-NATO deceit plan.
I think Erdogan is just a step away from apologizing, when he says that they did not know that it was a Russian plane. He should muster some more courage and apologize, to deescalate the situation. Otherwise, the military build-up in the Mediterranean and in the middle-east in general, will lead to nothing but the third world war.

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