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Sunday, 13 December 2015


Human beings, and especially free human beings, take pride in having the ability, capability and opportunity to choose. Choices do make a difference, but choices also limit us.

What do we choose? We choose one thing over the other. We choose freedom over slavery. We choose expression over suppression. We choose light over the darkness, and we choose life over death, and some people have totally opposite choices.
Making our choices and cherishing our power to choose, we overlook the fact that day cannot exist without the night, white cannot exist without the black, good cannot exist without evil, love cannot exist without hatred, beauty has no recognition without ugliness, freedom is nothing without restraint, truth lives no more without the lie, and life loses its charm without death.

So it is not about choosing the good over the evil. It is not about making the definitive right choices. It is all about finding the perfect balance.

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