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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Lets kill on humanitarian basis...

(repeat publication)

There has been fierce debate at all levels, in many countries, for the last few days and in some for the last few months and in one country for more than a year, on how to disrupt the functioning of a legitimate government in Syria. 
We all remember year 2003, when White House initiated and 10 Downing Street followed a hot debate about how to rid this world of Saddam Hussain.
We do remember that back in 2003 the "champions of humanity" shoved some intelligence report in the face of the world, showing that Saddam's regimen had acquired or developed weapons of mass destruction and that the world was at immediate danger of annihilation at the hands of evil Iraqis. These D.C. and Downing claims were backed by "intelligence" reports, which contradicted the findings of UN observers and inspectors in Iraq. But hey, UN inspectors are not so intelligent to match the Intelligence of secret agencies!!!

The scenario was set very nicely and a group of tens of like Minded, Hegemony loving, "Democratic" regimens from across the world joined hands with the flag bearers of "freedom" and freedom started exploding in Iraq in March 2003.

What happened later is also not a secret. The Intelligence reports, turned out to be someone's homework. The US and British Intelligence services, very intelligently fooled the whole world into going to war against a weakened Iraq, which could not put up any resistance.
As I have mentioned in my previous writings, Americans love to develop, test and then implement TEMPLATES. When it came to Syria, they first brought the Arab spring template into use, but when that template exhibited its glitches, they turned to another tested template called the GLOBAL THREAT template.
Last week the very intelligent US Intelligence again came up with hidden and very classified evidence of the Syrian government using chemical weapons against its people. And the "champions of democracy and freedom"; and by now everyone of you knows, who are the members of this elite club; started lobbying another war in the same middle-eastern region.

I have to note that the argumentation this time by both the American and British lobbyists of war, until now, has been very poor at the best. For example White House spokesman Josh Earnest giving a press briefing about the possible military options against Syria, said: "The president of the United States is elected with the duty to protect the national security interests in the United States of America," It took me a few minutes to understand or lets say it took me a few minutes in trying to understand this sentence, because I have not got a grasp of it until now. What does Syria have to do with United States of America? I never knew that Syria had joined the Union or it had been inducted into the Union. Does anyone have any info on this? Please do share if you have such info!

Caitlin Hayden, Obama's National Security Council spokesperson said that U.S. would continue to consult with Britain (on the Syrian affair), but the President (who till late was only the President of the United States of America) would make decision based on the best interest of the United States.
Look at just these two statements and tell me I'm wrong in thinking that the US-British axis of evil is promoting imperial ambitions at the cost of innocent citizens of other countries.

To support my argument, the British Prime Minister, Cameron, addressing the British Parliament said that invasion of Syria would be justified on HUMANITARIAN BASIS. I would personally like to thank Cameron for telling the whole world, although he was just talking to the parliament, that HUMANITARIAN BASIS mean nothing more than a legitimate excuse for invading independent, UN member, sovereign states.

The British Prime Minister tried to persuade the members of the Parliament to allow his government to go to war; which until now is being dubbed as "limited military action" by the war mongers, on the two shores of the Atlantic ocean; using the THREAT TO THE WORLD template. He mentioned some video coverage showing immense human suffering. He never talked of any video footage indicating Syrian government's involvement or ordering of any chemical weapons attack.

I was so touched by the sensitivity of the British Prime Minister and of David Cameron as a person, that I would like somebody to send him video footage of human suffering in Northern Pakistan after US drone strikes. I would also like him to see and appreciate the level of human suffering during bombardment of FREEDOM on Belgrade. How would he like to see human suffering in Iraq, which fell victim to unstoppable terrorism in the shape of bomb blasts, as a result of US-British invasion of that country, which by the way was also supposed to be a limited military action.

I am more than sure that after witnessing HUMAN SUFFERING of thousands of people in the aforementioned countries as compared to just 335 in Syria, the British Prime Minister will not take more than a minute in attempting to persuade the Parliament to sanction limited military action against the United States and the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

By the way talking of manipulation, the US intelligence agencies are claiming that 1300+ people died in the alleged chemical attack, whereas DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS, a humanitarian group, which is operating in Syria and has ground realities in front of their eyes in the shape of dead bodies, have reported only 335 deaths. I would believe the doctors because when I have problems I go to the doctor and not to the SPIES.

Doctors might be bad at arithmetic, but they are not so bad as to forget about one thousand extra dead, while reporting death toll of the victims of a brutal attempt at staging a LEGITIMATE CAUSE for invading Syria.

If you don't agree with me, which is your right and I respect other people's rights unlike the "champions of human rights", please remember the video footage from 8-8-2008, shown by CIVILIZED WESTERN media as a proof of Russian attack on tiny Georgia. As it turned out later, thanks to some sensible demonstration of evidence by the other party, the footage depicted Georgian assault on Tskhinval. Also please remember the footage of American soldiers resting in the lawn of Saddam's palace in Baghdad, three days before the American or as they like to call it coalition forces even got near Baghdad.

That footage also looked very legit. So when they show you footage, don't believe them. Keep rationality alive and ask them how does the civil unrest in Syria threaten the global security? How does Syrian unrest damage American interests? What are the consequences of Syrian civil conflict on the security of the United States? And please do ask David Cameron if you get a chance, to explain for stupid people like me, the rationale behind 'war on humanitarian basis'.

The question of attacks on Syria looks to be in limbo for now, but I think soon another American ally called the State of Israel will be shaking hands with US establishment regarding invasion of Syria. So it's not the end of the night. Lets get the party started and probably also a wager?

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