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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Behind the wall

Their community comprised of great numbers. Some would argue and say that although they had a huge population, but there was nothing “great” about those numbers. But anyway they were there and they were real and their native land was swarming with them.

The land they inhibited was not small, but there sheer numbers made that land seem inadequate. They might had expanded territorially, but all the territory, the vast territory of prosperity and abundance, laid beyond the wall. Yes they lived behind that wall. There was nowhere left for them to go, all that they could do was to shrink the per capita space with the day or otherwise saying their population per square meter increased at an alarming rate. There were two things that they had in abundance: poverty and maternity.
Yes it was that high rate of child birth, which dragged the whole society deeper and deeper into poverty and all the vices associated with it, such as thefts, robberies, murders and all other crimes. This immoral activity in times of acute hunger even prompted the eating of the dead and not very dead members of the community. Yes, such was the state of this society, which according to some was very finely defined in its structure.
This society had very clear lines of segmentation. There was this elite and controlling class, the managerial class, the warrior class and the labour class. As in any “normal” society the labour class was responsible for all work, which primarily aimed at providing food for the whole society. The class demarcation was so clearly defined that the members of different classes even had different physical traits, so that a labour class member of society had no chance of even impersonating a member of the classes standing above in the hierarchy. And as in any “normal” society the labour class gathered food and other means of life, but had no right over those things, unless a member of society from a higher class assigned them their quota. In good times, when there would be abundance of food, the labour would get ample food and would live a happy life serving the lords, but in times of shortage the labour would bear the brunt of starvation and would suffer malnutrition. It is needless to say that occurrences of civil disturbance were also common place, but most of the times this society lived by the book.
This was a female dominant society, but still, unlike other societies, they had a special cast of females, who were meant only for breeding. Otherwise saying there was a class of incubator females, whose only job was to reproduce. As long as the female of this “incubator” cast remained fertile or able to give birth, they enjoyed elite status. They need not worry about anything. They were provided with all necessities of life and luxury of no-labour. But as soon as these incubators reached a stage where they could not reproduce further, they would be thrown out of colonies to die of hunger or other misery. In times of food shortage, these already useless females would make others’ feast. Yes they would be killed and eaten.
Despite this very high reproduction rate the society always remained female dominated and the male population never made it to even numbers. The female dominance was so elaborate that the labour force was female, the warrior class was all female and the ruler was always female etc.
This strange non-increase in male numbers instigated a scientific research, which found out that the reason for male shortage was not that they did not have male children, but in fact, due to some genetic reason, the males as soon as they reached adulthood, would have intercourse, inseminating one of the incubator females and would die right after. I know this sounds strange, but even the scientists, who discovered this, could not tell the reason.
But all in all it was a highly disciplined society, where orders were carried out strictly and where every member of the society, knew his or her place. One good thing about them was that they never gave-up in hard times. Probably facing hardships at such regular intervals they had become prone to them, but they survived and made through such hardships, which would kill any other society.
So a wall was erected, which helped keep them out of sight and was in fact intended to isolate them, believing that in such isolation, considering their rate of growth and the 100% sure famine, they would die or saying it softly would just disappear and would seize bothering those who lived across the wall.
The members of the female-majority, strongly-classified and over reproductive society, knew that across that wall was the place where they had ample food and other amenities of civilization. But despite all their knowledge they were helpless in going across the wall and to enjoy the fruits of civilization.
One very fine day, the elite and the warrior class held a meeting, during a time of great distress and after considering all viable options, decided to go for the wall, because the population had grown beyond imagination. It had grown so much that they could not talk about inhabitants per square meter. They had to calculate layers of citizens per square meter. In that period of complete isolation, there came a time when food supplies depleted to an extent that even the elite and the highly regarded incubators could not be fed.
So at the end of the general meeting they issued instructions for the labour class to start working on making a hole in that reinforced concrete wall, which had turned their lives into hell. The labours, despite starvation, did not object to the orders and started looking for a weaker spot, from where it would be easiest to breach the wall. 
So the labour force got on to laying the path out of that concentration camp, created by the wall and the elite class started waiting for the hole to appear in the wall, so that they could first go over to escape misery.
The people on this side of the wall could hear a continuous rumble on the other side and wondered what was going on there. They did not have the slightest of ideas about the population explosion beyond the wall or even about the plans of the “aliens” to breach the wall and come disturb their peace of mind and share their fruits of democracy, development and civilization.
After building the wall, the people who erected it never even troubled themselves with guarding it, because they had no idea of the will power of those, who lived behind the wall. For the erectors of the wall, those miserable, meaningless creatures, who, although greater in numbers, were unaware of the word development, had no idea about technology and the term “knowledge” in their society was inexistent. So those poor buggers could do nothing better than to die either of starvation or of over population and the associated problems like disease. But one thing that the people, who erected the wall, forgot was that there were factors a lot stronger than technology and material development and this over-populated, illiterate, under developed and poor society had those characteristics built-in to their gene structure.
Anyway those poor buggers, after a long struggle, succeeded in making a hole in the wall. That hole was quite high, but for the inhabitants of the class segregated society from behind the wall, that was a portal to heaven. They had finally found their way to the benefits of development. They could already smell food and believe me the small of food after long periods of starvation would make one jump off the summit of Mount Everest without a parachute. So the poor little buggers started crawling down and jumping out of that hole to enter the heaven of civilization.
But as always happiness was short-lived, because before the illegal aliens could even disperse in the vast lands that lied beyond the wall, they were noticed and the illegal crossing was reported. The person, who saw them first, couldn’t help screaming with fear. Their numbers and active attempts at spreading out scared the hell out of her.
In no time at all the swarm of those illegal aliens, who dared violate “humane” laws of the lands beyond the wall, were attacked with batons and other beating devices and those blows from the hands of trained killers took their toll, with each blow killing many of the illegal aliens. 
The people from this side of the wall soon understood that the numbers were too great to be forced back behind the wall or to be eradicated using such simple methods as beating. So thanks to their developed intellect they devised a plan and soon the crowds of illegal aliens were water-cannoned. Yes sir this water-cannon was a lot more effective than batons. The illegal aliens, who had suffered malnutrition for so long could not stand the force of the water-cannon and hundreds of them were flushed away into oblivion with every pass of the cannon. 
The buggers, who were still in the hole, ready to come out, back-tracked readily, noticing the clear advantage of the people on this side of the wall. Even those, who had already landed in heaven of opportunity, tried to crawl back up on the wall, but the people from this side of the wall enjoyed spraying them back on the ground and drowning them. They somehow enjoyed killing those illegal aliens from behind the wall. They enjoyed their superiority and advancement.
Well the first blitz breach of border ended up in a tragedy for the illegal aliens and more so the people on this side of the wall decided to keep a permanent patrol in the area, until they could decide how to solve that problem.
From then on, for a very short period, the people from this side of the wall, the ones who had erected it, patrolled the area and every time that they would notice those illegal aliens, they would have a ball of killing them with water. Hundreds of dead bodies would be left lying around after each water-cannon attack and the masters of the happy land would leave the area triumphant after each killing.
Probably it’s not strange, but those who have the technology, especially technologies of mass murder, seem to be eager to use their superiority in weapons and not even paying any attention to the armless status of the adversary, tend to try and annihilate the opposition in a single shot, with the least of effort. I mean we do remember the use of nuclear bombs and napalm and chemical weapons at different times, all resulting in liquidation of hundreds, even thousands of people in one easy click. Or maybe spending their energies on research and waiting patiently for “positive” results, people deplete their patience reserves and they start losing patience easily.
So in the given situation as well the people from this side of the wall reached their patience threshold very quickly and seeing the great numbers of those illegal aliens and already losing interest in the enjoyment provided by drowning those illegal aliens, decide to take radical measures. They decided to use the chemical deterrent. 
So now the people from this side of the wall would check the area of breach at regular intervals and as soon as they would see any illegal aliens they would bring out their chemical weapons and would spray all of those who would be on the ground, including those who would be injured and all those who would be on the wall, even those who attempted to crawl back up the wall.
The number of casualties suddenly increased and those who died had no chance of survival, because the water cannon at least gave them some mere chances of escape, but those chemical bombardments were lethal beyond imagination. The people from this side of the wall even decided to spray chemicals into the hole, which proved to be a very beneficial tactic, because since then most of those who tried to make it to the land of opportunity would die even before they could fall out of the hole. But the people would even spray chemicals on those dead bodies to make sure that no one survived. 
I often wonder and try to find the logic behind the whole scenario, where these little illegal aliens from behind the wall, face illiteracy, over-population, poverty and starvation and ultimately disgrace and death, although having such admirable characteristics as bearing hardships, struggling for life and having a strong will to set and achieve targets. But as soon as these creatures find a way to enter the civilized world they face rejection, beatings and even chemical attacks.
Oh by the way I was not talking about the US-Mexican border at all… That is a totally different story. I was just trying to tell you the story of the ants, who committed the mistake of entering my bathroom from behind the wall and faced “Mortein” attack to elimination…

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