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Monday, 23 November 2015

Nobel prize a "noble tradition"

The Most Peaceful Man alive

(I wrote this article in 2013, so don't think that  I am unaware of the current events!)

As soon as the American political elite decided that it was time for the first ever BLACK man to become the president of the United States and as soon as they found the right candidate, who even carried a Muslim middle name, probably people at the Nobel committee, who are very easily influenced by the political setup of the time, started contemplating how to highlight the height of American "Democracy", which had brought a black man to the oval office. 
They thought of nothing else, but to award Mr Barrack Hussain Obama the Nobel Peace prize. I have no doubt that people who make these decisions are very competent, highly educated and utmost unbiased.

Well who could had been a better candidate for the PEACE prize, other than a president, who increased number of troops in Afghanistan, sanctioned combined military action against Libya, ordered more than 400 drone strikes against people of a sovereign country (Pakistan), the president who takes pride in bringing democracy to Libya via missiles and via arming extremists and the president who is having a hard time sleeping, because he can't wait for the moment when he could order the American led coalition troops to unfold full-fledged war against Syria.
I don't have the patience and time to list all of the PEACE KEEPING efforts of the Nobel Laureate Mr B Hussain Obama, but I would like to congratulate the members of the committee, which decided to endow this prize on Mr B.H.O.
When I think of this I can't help myself remembering a French film about the adventures of Asterix the fearless Gaul. In this film Caesar's son Brute decides to cheat and to avoid retribution in the form of bug test (doping test) he makes the chief judges (who also had to conduct the bug test) eat the bugs, so that in case of any complaint the judges won't be able to test him.
But I wonder what kind of bugs did the decision making people at the Nobel place had to swallow, to be forced to Name Mr Barrack Hussain Obama as the Nobel Laureate of Peace??????????
Well let’s just wait before the first packet of "DEMOCRACY" and "WESTERNIZED FREEDOM" falls on the Syrian capital Damascus or any other Syrian city, which badly needs "Democracy and Nobel Peace".
The American establishment is shameless, immoral and Hippocratic, just like the staunch US ally UK, but what has happened to France and it's so called socialist government?
Isn't it the same France, which, led by Jacques Chirac, stood against the baseless American and British claims about presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? But this time the French establishment decided to join the "Freedom hawkers", because Hollande does not want to lose Presidency right after, just like Chirac did, because of opposing imperialistic US, UK ambitions. There always is some Sarkozy waiting for the MASTER's signal to start destroying own homeland to protect someone else's homeland.
But the good news for the American people is that their establishment (government) is now out helping and arming the same terrorists-extremists-fundamentalists and Jihadis, using whose names they curtailed civil rights in the once Land-of-the-Free and soon enough the American people mainly and some European and west aligned people elsewhere will have a new term to talk about. The term "TERRORIST-EXTREMIST etc." is now staled, so a new template of terror is in the making.
The template of Arab spring has failed in Syria that's why the Americans (I mean the government) have to go in and fix the template failure by force. But there is something that they might have to keep in mind. Application of force while shitting can result in anal-prolapse and those who have it or had it, say that it is a pain in the ass!
And the said pain is already visible in the American ass, because they don't even care about sugar coating their shitting attempts, they just openly fart, like Sen John Kerry farted about "Morally obscene" acts. Did he not remember the morally obscene killing of innocent civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan, who are collectively known as COLLATERAL DAMAGE?
Or killing civilians using drones is moral, because machines have no moral standards? All of these farting up-front and behind the scenes people like Kerry should take history lessons and study Mongolia and Rome. Mongolians were way stronger than anyone else in their times. They successfully carried-out expansion of holdings, but then they made the mistake of over extending the rubber and the rubber cracked and split into pieces. Most of the people in this world don't even know Mongolia today, unless they are forced to browse through the map or to browse a list of countries. Mongolia lost its glory to senseless expansionist policies of the Mongolian establishment.
Draw your own parallels and make your own decisions. Do you want to dip into oblivion, because of senseless decisions made by some ambitious assholes like B Hussain Obama and company? What threat does Syria pose to the United States? Has Syria ever attacked American or European interests within Syria, let alone beyond its borders?
The answers to the above questions are negative and there can be no real reason for US led attacks on Syria, but since Kerry and other Toms, Dicks and Harries have farted, the Middle East will have to bear the stench of US and UK's shitting habits.

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