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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Tool of ignorance

Hatred is a tool, used by the weak and ignorant people as catharsis. Yes as strange as it might seem, but weak and ignorant people also have something of a limited thought process. Their thought process is limited to such an extent that all they can produce is hatred.
Hatred produces intolerance, fury and lack of self-control. So when you see someone exhibiting these signs, discount their behavior for their ignorance and limitations.

Strangely enough, sex is something natural, but we have a rating for sexually explicit materials. Bleeding is quite natural and normal in tragic situations, but we have a rating for blood exhibiting materials. Death is very normal, but we don’t allow death to be shown publically and we even have rating systems for materials discussing or showing death.

But we don’t have any rating system for hatred and hate materials. Why? Is hatred more natural than sex? Or is it more unavoidable than death?

We have X rated, R rated, PG 13, PG 16 rated materials, but what about hatred? We don’t let young people drive. We don’t let young people drink until a certain age. We don’t allow sex, before the fulfillment of certain and set criteria. But why do we allow our children to hate and observe hatred without any limitation? We have no criteria bothering us from teaching our children about the techniques of hatred, but we do have a category of “sin” regulating other matters.

We think it normal to label people with hate related tags, may they be racial, religious, linguistic or behavioral. And we are so certain about the rightness of our tagging system that we don’t even bother thinking of the consequences. We can turn on a radio microphone and declare at the highest levels of human voice that “We are the chosen ones, deemed to bring liberty to others.” But don’t we understand that such declarations are discriminatory and consequently produce hatred?

Our progress has opened new channels for the expression of hatred and these channels are ironically called “Social media”. I will not name the networks, we all know most of them, but if you think I’m wrong, logon to one of them and spend 15 good minutes of your life to learn how to hate.
You still think I’m wrong? Well Good Morning, here is your today’s vandalism primer on how to destroy a historical monument. Watch how armed vandals destroy Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s home in Ziarat, Pakistan and calmly video document the proceedings and then upload it on FB. I’m sorry I called it vandalism. This is not vandalism graffiti is, when some youngsters with artistic ideas deface our facades. Who says graffiti is art? Graffiti is pure vandalism and absurdity; whereas demolition of monuments is not vandalism and barbarianism, because it has a cause behind it. And we must promote the cause!
How great it is to see how heads are chopped in cold blood, during an armed raid on a Bannu, Pakistan, jail and how more than 250 convicted TTP criminals are provided freedom. And if you missed the show, welcome to FB. They have it all stored for your pleasure. And mind you FB never bothers to take these videos off-line, because this champion of social networking is dedicated to promoting “the cause”!
And don’t think FB is alone in this quest, twitter provides a parallel platform for those who like to express their hatred in the shape of encouraging words for such warriors of “cause”.
I love it when early in the morning I am provided with the free dose of hatred, although I have to pay for a dose of aspirin. My food is not free, my education is paid, my living is taxed, my electricity is metered and my clothing is expensive, but my daily dose of hatred is free of charge!
I am so overwhelmed by this generosity of authority that I might one day say no to all the paid things and might limit my existence to the freely available hatred, because it is in no short supply and the delivery is so fast; faster than the speed of light.
We have legislation and court proceedings against torrent sites, because they provide you with free access to “Dead poets’ society” and “Legends of the fall”, which infringe someone’s monetary interests and defaces their money loving façades, but why don’t we have legislation against hate spiting materials and the “social media” which propagates hatred?

My freedom of expression is curtailed, when I want to share a good romantic movie that I like, because why should I share romance. The world needs pragmatics not romantics. So being pragmatic I should run a campaign of hatred, calling people to destroy, eliminate, force, torture for higher goals or otherwise harm others (excluding financial harm) and my “rights” will be untouchable!

We boast of being developed, but we in fact have regressed instead of progressing. We today are behind the cave man in our thoughts. Yes we are, because cave man hunted for survival, but never propagated death for development or “liberty”. The cave man never taught his children what to think; on the contrary he left his children to learn how to think. This helped the offsprings develop and progress. But we the developed people think it necessary to teach what to think instead of how to think. And my “beloved” social networks help us achieve this goal of turning humans into herds of beings.

Yes we don’t dwell in caves anymore. We don’t eat raw meat. We don’t freeze to death in our technologically heated abodes. We have cars and planes and we have computers to process information.
But we are living in pigeonholes: pigeonholes of thoughts, actions and reactions. We have stronger nutshells and we are afraid of breaking out of them. Cave man was an individual with a character, but we the 21st century humans are building blocks of a faceless society. We don’t have character, because if we had character, we would not shoo away graffiti artists, but would instead oppose these people of “cause” and those war mongers, who have nothing but hatred inside of them. We would not fund and support hatred hawkers. We would not barricade against sex or blood or death, but would erect a great wall against hatred.
But unfortunately we are afraid of looking beyond our pigeonholes, because the comfort of our pigeonholes seems a little too much to lose. And I hate it!

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