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Friday, 14 October 2016

Only the bombs are smart...

“United States is an exceptional country. People all over the world look to us and follow our lead”; declared Hillary Clinton, while addressing the American Legion’s national convention at Cincinnati.
Hillary said this and it did not surprise me, because she is a professional bull-shitter (politician), and she gets paid to pump out such bullshit from her rodent, oh, I meant Rodham mouth.
And telling you only about Rodent, does not mean that I have forgotten the other moron. The crap spat by Trump is different, but no less-toxic. His type of verbal malnutrition is caused by an old social virus called hatred and an all-time great called ignorance.
However, there is a third party to this entire US election scenario, and that party are the people, or I dare say the masses/sheep of the United States. In the abovementioned speech, Hillary also noted that a lot of people from around the world wanted to become Americans, because America was a great country. Saying this she in fact has indicated the source of American greatness if there is any! It has always been people from other countries, who immigrated to this occupied land of indigenous Americans, known to us as Red-Indians, and in an attempt to make their mark in the new neighbourhood, always strived to achieve excellence. For example you can study the case of Nikola Tesla.
Please don’t think that I am supporting Rodent’s claim that people around the world look for American lead. It is only the worst of the worst of the world, who still want to live the American dream. Why?
What is the American dream today? The American dream is to put the control of the whole world in the hands of a select few. Mind you, these “select few” are not all American citizens or Rodents of Arkansas. This group has a very versatile composition. But, point of the matter is that how are they doing it?
First of all, businesses are monopolizing global resources and trade. Deciphering this sentence let me point your attention to the situation with monopolization of global cell-phone market. Do you know that 45% of smartphone market is held by just two companies? I will not list their names, because you know them already. Most probably you are holding their device in your hand right now.
How is this global monopolization achieved? Well, it is very simple: by crushing the competition. You want to understand it better, study the case of Nokia.
What we see around us is an illusion of variety, created by the supply of abundant brand names. But all these brands or their concepts originate on the same table. If you do not agree with me, take a look around at the cars in your streets. In 1970s a Fiat differed from a Citroen, not just by the logo on the hood. In fact you did not need to see the logo even. You could identify a BMW apart from a Mercedes by its looks only.
Another one of my favourite examples is the retail market in Finland. You might not know, but the whole retail market of Finland is controlled by only 4 players. This is why you find identical products in all stores across the country and at nearly identical rates, unless there is some kind of indexation. If you haven’t lived in Finland, you might not believe me if I tell you that there are no privately owned neighbourhood or convenience stores. All retail outlets are corporate owned.
The next best sign of monopolistic trends is the manufacturing of all products of various brands at the same factories in China. And let me tell you monopolization of commodities is not the worst of the evils. The information you get from the internet, TV or other mediums is also monopolized.
Please start digging the corporate belonging of all the major TV channels of the world and you will be astonished to know that a certain corporation owns TV channels in UK, Australia, Thailand and now China. If you start tracing ownership of media outlets, you will end-up with less than 10 names, who own everything in this field.
Now, the problem is not only with the ownership of information dispensing machines. What are news agencies if not the source of centralization of information and distribution of only acceptable materials? How many independent news agencies do you know of? And please do not rush into telling me that Reuters is an independent agency!
I will not waste time on talking about monopolization of money and concentration of wealth. You all probably know this.
However, the worst thing is that even if people know about such dire situations, they are incapable of appreciating the threats posed by such policies. And believe me, the threat of terrorism is a fabricated threat, whereas the threat I am talking about is real: this is a threat to your individuality, your personal independence and infringement of all your rights.
And the people are incapable, not because of mental illness or deficiencies. People living in this world are mentally fit, at least medically speaking. But their brains are incapable of processing simple things.
First of all they cannot process information, because they do not have the time to process information. Secondly, they are not taught to process information. At schools, we are taught to store information. We are trained to reproduce information. We are awarded for applauding other people’s thoughts. We are punished for asking a simple “why”. We grow-up knowing that Churchill was a great leader, but we are not allowed to make that decision ourselves. As soon as I open my mouth to criticize Churchill, the information machinery will dump a load of shit on me, starting with labelling me as a “Fascist sympathiser”.
However, a sane human being can understand that while strongly despising fascism, one can condemn the American bombing of Hiroshima. If one understands the heinousness of US designs for global hegemony, it does not make one an enemy of the American people. But, in reality it is quite the contrary. The easiest way is to label people, because the mentally untrained populace of this world cannot see beyond the labels.
I often hear American politicians talking about the “American ways”, but what I fail to comprehend, is the “Way” that they refer to. Do they mean the ways of the American Indians or the Red-Indians?
A country, which is incapable of giving its cities unique names (York, Islamabad, Cairo, Athens, Moscow, and St-Petersburg etc.), cannot be capable of having its own “ways”.
United States is a fusion of cultures, which has failed to manifest itself as a unique product. So what “American culture” do they talk about?
The average American, from Wisconsin, tells his grandchildren the stories of travel around the world if he ever succeeds to travel from New-York to Los-Angeles (and please don’t think that I am exaggerating here).
American humour starts from a burp and ends on a fart. It is a country, where dumb is the new sexy. Intelligence is a sign of degradation. All American movies of the last few years either depict super heroes, which, in itself, is a sign of alarm about mental health, or they depict stupid people as kind, passionate, capable and funny.
Coming back to the elections, let me just tell you that you should not be alarmed seeing that Americans will make a choice between two bags of shit. In a country populated by ignorant mentally untrained creatures this is the best that can be staged. Americans (I mean the political elite) do want to bring some at least intelligent looking people on the political forefront, but unfortunately centuries of inbreeding at the farms has left this controlling class with mentally incapable off-springs like Hillary, Donald, McCain, George junior and Nixon.
America is imploding and no one has to do anything to help it implode. The best you can do is to just sit back and applaud them, while they stage this so-called election and take pride in their own demise.
Unfortunately the country, which makes and drops so many smart bombs every year, is populated by so many stupid citizens, who can be found everywhere from the oval office to the farms of Wisconsin.

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