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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Joyride through Pakistan

It is always a pleasure to see people travelling through the Northern areas of Pakistan on motorcycles. And mind you I am not talking about Europeans travelling through on their 850CC BMW rides. I am talking about people riding urban bikes of 70, 100, and 125CC.
Why is it pleasant? Well first of all we did this in 2011 and we did it at a time, when people did not think about such adventures. There were four of us: Nabeel, Majid, Vera and I. We rode 125CC bikes.
When we planned to undertake this journey, we were advised against it by each and every person, with whom we discussed the idea.
These were turmoil times in the country and going on a #roadtrip, which was supposed to cover the whole of the country from Khunjerab pass to Karachi, was a little crazy.
But I am glad we did that. Because, since then I have watched many videos uploaded by Pakistani and foreign travelers, who dared their way up to the Khunjerab pass on urban bikes.
We opted to use 125CC bikes, because you do not find bikes with a bigger engine in Pakistani cities. And our idea was to encourage people to travel using whatever means of transportation they had. Why postpone your dreams, waiting for a better ride, when you can do it today, riding the bike available most easily!
So if you have been dreaming of travelling through Pakistan, but are scared of what might happen, please discard those thoughts. Kick start your 70CC bike from Karachi and head up to Khunjerab!

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