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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Beheading human rights - What kind of world are we living in?

Although I am a strong opponent of drawing definitive lines along the vectors of good and bad, but sometimes you need to have some idea of the differences between right and wrong.
I have written earlier about my disappointment in the Nobel Award Committee’s incompetence, after they blessed Barrack Hussein Obama with the Nobel Peace Prize.
We all remember how Obama then thanked the Nobel Academy in kind by bombing peace upon Libya, and Yemen, and how he continues sanctioning the bombardment of peace on Syrians. I will not waste our time mentioning Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and a few more recipients of Barrackish peace.
But that is history. It has been more than 7 years now since Barrack Hussein became the mantor of peace. The Nobel committee must had been contemplating on how to astonish the world, because they did finally find a way of boggling the minds of the sane few in this world.
This time around, after announcing the decision regarding the endowment of Nobel Prize in Literature, Swedish academy’s Permanent Secretary Sara Danius, proved to the world that the Nobel staff is all delusional and oblivious. She compared Mr Dylan to Homer.

And mind you if you are a humanoid influenced by US TV and film, and if your memory and knowledge have limited reach, I am not talking about Homer Simpson, the very-American father of The Simpsons. I am talking about the Homer, who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey. The Homer, who wrote the first epic-poetic works, in European history. The Homer, who might or might not have existed.
But some Ms Danius, who probably is also influenced by American TV and knows only of Homer Simpson, spelled out all the adjectives that she knew, to substantiate the decision to honour Bob Dylan.
Bob Dylan on the other hand is not a bad artist. He had performed very good acts back in the day. What he was singing, and later co-writing, was nothing too revolutionary. His work can be categorized as ingenious and mind-blowing, only if you are a fan of Malevich’s “The Black Square”. You can interpret someone’s words, as many times and in as many different ways as you like. But since when has this become the criteria of greatness-of-literary-works?
If the greatest literary works are the ones which have the most number of differing interpretations, then the Holy Scriptures are the winners, because I have never seen two theologians interpreting the same verse in exactly the same way. So my suggestion for the Nobel millionaires is to award the next year’s Nobel Prize in Literature to one of the many books like Bible, Torah, Quran, Geeta, Granth Sahib etc, etc.
Speaking of interpretations I can’t help sinking in astonishment after knowing the next proof of “greatness” of the world that we live in. on Friday 28 of October 2016 the United Nations Human Rights Council held a vote to approve or disapprove the re-election of certain member states. The countries of interest on the ballot included The Russian Federation, The Republic of Croatia, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
At the end of the voting process, Russia failed to gain enough votes to retain its seat in the council. The reason, as per the “learned” sources, was Russia’s bombardment of Eastern-Aleppo and gross violation of ISIS terrorists’human rights. And please note that this reason was based on the reports of a few NGOs. Let me refresh your memory. We have seen how a coalition of many armies invaded a sovereign country called Iraq, based on the reports of the so-called independent groups, who in fact worked for certain intelligence outfits. Those reports also said that Saddam Hussein’s government posed a threat to global community, because it had weapons of mass-destruction. Well we never saw those weapons after the blatant invasion of a UN member sovereign country.
Anyway, at the end of the voting session, Russia could not get enough support to remain a member of this sham council, but very interestingly Saudi Arabia secured the most votes for its re-election.
So for the next three years Saudi Arabia will be a member of this theatrical organization, because the Kingdom of Wahhabis has an immaculate human rights record!
Give it to me baby!
On 2 January 2016 the “human rights loving” Saudis executed 47 political prisoners. Out of those 47, 43 were beheaded, while the other 4 received a more human death by firing squad. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is also very well-known for holding public game-shows across their country to entertain their citizen at the government’s cost. These shows are way better and more realistic than The Big Brother or The Running Man. In these shows “bad” people lose their heads. Please don’t think that “losing heads” has any meaning other than the most obvious meanings. People convicted of various offenses, which also include extra-marital sex, are brought into city squares and their heads are chopped off from their corpuses. For crimes lesser than sex the humane-Saudis love to chop off peoples limbs.
In this champion-of-human-rights country, women are not allowed to drive. And mind you the penalty for a woman driving a car is a little short of beheading. Women are subjected to punishments like lashing and lifelong imprisonments.
I am sure that Saudi Arabia is the one country in this world, which should be our role-model, when it comes to human rights.
While telling you about a few of human rights violations within the kingdom, I have not forgotten this state’s role beyond its borders. Probably the “highly intelligent” voters in the United Nations think that when Saudi jets fly into Yemen to bomb Sana’a, they fire roses instead of explosives. The same NGOs which are dying to defend the human rights of Saudi created and Saudi funded ISIS terrorists in Eastern Aleppo, have their eyes closed to human suffering in Yemen.

When Saudis pay the Israelis to bomb Yemeni cities, no one has any problems. When Saudis ask the Americans to suck dick or bomb Yemen, the Americans always chose to bomb Yemen. Probably despite all their “Gay Rights” legislation and campaign last year, American still prefer not to suck dick.
And mind you it is their right to choose whether to get down on their knees and please the Saudis how Monica Lewinsky pleased Bill Clinton, or to remotely kill a few hundred Yemenis, including children.
Realistically speaking, the Saudis have a lot to offer, but what do the children of Yemen have to offer? Nothing.
By the way did you know that all the madrassas in Pakistan, which produce suicide bombers and other brands of terrorists, are funded by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Probably, when you fund a terrorist training school, it is not a violation of human rights!? Most probably it is to be considered as upholding of human rights, because had there not been those terrorist schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan, how would those people attain their seats in heaven!
In my attempt to comprehend the given state of affairs, I have come to the point, where I have no doubt about the theatrical role of the United Nations Organization as a whole.
This is not a global body anymore. It is a tool of altering reality. Please note that the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner is a Jordanian. Let me assure you that the Saudi horror movie, which I briefly depicted above, has its own Jordanian version also. Jordan trained and armed ISIS terrorists. Jordan is one of the two countries, which prefers treating ISIS terrorists at their hospitals, but they do not allow Palestinian children from Gaza to get medical help in their country. Jordan is also financially supporting ISIS. But I guess funding a terrorist organization is not a violation of human rights!?
Keeping all in mind, I have come to the conclusion that in today’s time and age things have turned upside down. Now our heroes and role models have changed. In current times RATS are the heroes.

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