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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Poor! I'm not.

Human history is full of myths and legends. I mean there are myths about Hercules, and about Aphrodite. Then there are myths about Columbus discovering the new world. There are myths about flying thrones in Mahabharata, and myths about Rome being a democracy.
Then there are more recent myths about the Americans toppling governments for the good of depressed people. There are myths about terrorists fighting against terror. Myths go as far as Osama Bin Laden being a soldier of God. There are myths about aliens kidnapping people trying to boil perfect DNA in a lab.

Apparently all these myths have nothing in common, but the one thing that is common about all these myths is that all of them get busted sooner or later.
But, there is one myth, which can be called the ultimate myth. This myth is about social classification. We all have heard about the upper class, the middle class and the lower class. But in fact the nearly seven billion people living in this world can be divided only into two classes: the rich and the poor. Yes you got it right; there is no middle-class. The people, who like to tag themselves as the members of the middle-class, are nothing more than poor people. The only reason, why they like to belong to the middle-class is that they are afraid and ashamed of being poor.
Let us dive deeper into the problem and try to understand the difference between the rich and the poor. The rich are the people, who have wealth. And I mean real wealth. I am not talking about digits in a bank statement. I am talking about land, and gold and other valuables. These people do not need to worry about the plate of fine food on their table. They don't even need to worry about the maintenance of their huge estates, and basic necessities like high-class medical care and the finest education. They do not earn money, they invent it. These people understand the worthlessness of currency, hence they do not bother accumulating banknotes. On the contrary they collect items with intrinsic value.
Let us now turn our attention towards the poor. This category of people sweats hard from breakfast to lunch to provide themselves and their dependents with edible food. They seldom have the resources to accumulate anything carrying intrinsic value. All they ever work for is the worthless paper currency, invented by the rich. Poor people work hard to earn for a wedding ring, so how can they even think about buying real estate or gold for that matter. When it comes to healthcare, these poor people feel lucky to even be able to buy an aspirin, and even the purchase of aspirin is encumbered with prescriptions. The best a poor person can do for his/her child is to give the child sufficient air to breath. A poor person can carry the boxes containing expensive electronic equipment. He can stuff the shelves of high-end stores with ridiculously expensive items, but can never buy them. A poor person can mop the floors of an exclusive school, but can never attend that school as a student. A poor person can wash a Ferrari or Bentley, but can never ride in one of those cars. The best chance that a poor person has of riding in a Rolls-Royce is when he/she is a driver.
I can go on and on telling you the differences between the rich and the poor, but concisely speaking, everything that a rich man has, is a dream for a poor person.
Now let us analyze the state of affairs with this mythical middle-class citizen. Can such a person go to an exclusive school? No! Can he afford cancer treatment? No! Can a middle-class citizen own a house without diving into the abyss of debt? No! Can a middle-class person have food on the table without working his ass off? No! If a middle-class citizen wants to own a small vehicle, he embraces the shackles of debt.
Now looking at the above-mentioned realities, do you see a lot of difference between the poor and the middle-class people? I don't. The rich have everything to be proud of. The poor are realistic enough to admit that they have nothing. But the middle-class citizens neither have anything to be proud of nor are brave enough to embrace reality.
The middle-class citizens are like American negroes, who are ashamed of facing the reality of their dark skin. They try to boost their self-esteem by tagging themselves as Afro-Americans. Another good example is a prostitute, who never calls herself a prostitute. She introduces herself as a call-girl or a working girl.
Similarly a large number of poor people in this world call themselves middle-class, instead of facing the fact that they are poor. You might say that middle-class citizens are people like teachers, doctors or office workers. To some extent you might be right. But, if a janitor makes 500$ a month and at the end of the month he is left with nothing but debt, same happens with the Doctor, who earns 5000$ a month. The rich controllers of the system have devised a perfect system of self-deceit for many. Under this system, people are just free to embrace the false tags, invented by the rich. Some people are given breadcrumbs, others are given the slices, but at the end of the day, both parties are left with nothing.
My friends, the world has just two classes of people: the have-alls, and the have-nots. Let us face the truth and take off this false mask of being neither fish nor meat. To better your situation, first of all you have to accept, who you are. Only then you might have a shot at making amends. As Confucius said: "It's all in your own hands!"

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