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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Cause of death: Stupidity!

The post-mortem report issued after the extinction of mankind, will state cause of death as stupidity. Why? Because, despite being un-quantifiable, stupidity is very easily identifiable in words and deeds, and indeed it is the leading cause of termination of life.
It all sounds like demagogy, but how do you characterize the following: A certain car maker offers an LTV, which has a maximum speed capability of 290 km/h, but the car is electronically programmed to never exceed a maximum speed of 220 km/h. Why do you need such a powerful engine, if your vehicle is not supposed to ever use such power?
We took seeds and genetically modified them. What does genetic modification mean? Well the essence of such modification was to make the resulting crop resistant to pests and other destructive influences, hence increasing the yield. The second stated objective was to shorten the complete cycle of seed to harvest. It took us many years to understand that the pesticides genetically introduced into the seeds, pass on to the consumers of those crops, hence causing ailments.
And guess what, we did not stop genetic modification of seeds. We just started spending resources on finding cures and therapies for the ailments or diseases, caused by the consumption of embedded pesticides. My word of choice, for tackling resulting problems instead of getting rid of causes, is “STUPIDITY”.
We all remember global financial meltdown of 2008. Many of the realists did get hold of the reasons for such a crash. The economic meltdown was caused by the defects of the underlying economic system. If you have any interest or understanding of economy, you can easily grasp the idea that the said system is nothing but a set of imaginative, unrealistic laws.
But what happened after the 2008 fiasco? Well the power meddlers did everything to get rid of apparent results of the collapse, like paying the banking and insurance sectors to stay alive. But, there were no steps taken to amend the structure of this global poker table called the economy.
Hence, what we can and should expect soon is another wave of financial death. And believe me this wave is on the way, because for the last few months the prices of gold are going down, which means that people with numbers (money) in their hands are converting their figures into real gold, to stay safe against the economic tsunami that is on the way.
Mind you, at least, since the beginning of the twentieth century this globe has seen multiple economic crashes. So if we only cure the effects instead of liquidating the causes, my diagnosis can be no other than IGS (Inherent Global Stupidity).
Speaking of abbreviated diagnosis, there is a thing called PTSD (Post traumatic Stress Disorder). We have therapies to help the people, who suffer from PTSD. We have medication to help the people suffering from advanced stages of PTSD. We have laws to protect the right to confidentiality for the patients of PTSD.
But, even being aware of the fact that the people most susceptible to PTSD are the servicemen or the soldiers, how much have we done to get rid of wars or other armed conflicts? There were more wars in 1980s as compared to 1970s. There were more wars in 1990s as compared to 1980s, and the trend of positive growth, in the expanse of armed conflicts, has never halted.
Therefore, our STUPIDITY has helped us to learn to treat PTSD, but we have not learned the art of not going to war.
Every country in the world, except for a very small number of island nations, spends more money on maintenance of armed forces, then on educating their children. Please do not think that it is an exaggeration. Check your country’s budget for any year starting from 1900, and you will see the disparity between the percentage of national income spent on army, and the one given to the education sector. The island nations, which I have categorized as the ones spending more on education, are in fact the nations, which do not have an army at all.
So the species, which spends more and more on the cause of PTSD, and then spends even more on treating PTSD, is what if not STUPID!?

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