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Friday, 11 November 2016

Forgive me for being guilty

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”.
Do you think that this is just the Bible’s position towards life? No, sir this is the guiding light for social engineers and manipulators. One great sense in human beings is the sense of guilt: the most easily exploitable, the longest lasting, and the most effective one.

If you don’t agree, just take a look around. Your legal system is based on guilt. Yes sir, you have punishments in law for being guilty of something, but can you quote a law, which rewards you for not being guilty?
Every legal system in the world spends time and resources on inventing and implementing punishments for guilt accepted or proven. You go to a court of law. You are prosecuted and if found guilty you are punished. But if not found guilty, or otherwise saying if you are innocent, does the same legal system reward you somehow? Yes, they do, by not punishing you.
Holy crap! Human beings have been programmed so maliciously that they have no sense of reward. If they are not punished, they consider it a blessing, or a reward. And this programming is not just the result of religious crap dumping. Social engineers and gods of this world, probably long ago, understood the long lasting benefits of playing the guilt card.
Let me just add a little thing here, before proceeding. Shame is an attribute and probably the most essential attribute of the guilt driven system.
Now, my friends if the system is not guilt driven, then why do black Americans don’t like to be called Negros, which is just French for Black? Why does the word “Jew” invoke fear and repulsion among the Jews: The fear of facing anti-Semitism, and repulsion towards the idea of being singled out among a crowd of various mastics?
Why do the homosexuals hate being called “homosexuals”? Why do they need other words, like “gay”?
The question is very simple. Why are ordinary identifiers so derogatory or offensive?
Well, gents this is the result of centuries of programming by social engineers. Deep down inside, the Negros of this world, are so ashamed of being black that they feel guilty of being so. And I am sure that you have never seen a thief, who relishes the title of Mr Voleur.
Although people do adopt the homosexual lifestyle, or as some think, they are born homosexuals, still the fact that they like to be called something other than “homosexual”, shows how ashamed they are or how guilty they feel about being homosexual, Just like the American Negros, who like to be called Afro-Americans, because they are ashamed or feel guilty of being black.
My purpose is not to target or single out just the abovementioned three categories of people. We are all guilty of something by birth. Believe me, when I say this, I have solid grounds to make such a statement.
But before I take you to my guilt-land, let me just talk a little about the various manifestations of guilt. Apart from the most common manifestation of guilt, which can be called the “hush-hush” method, as indicated in the case of Negros and homosexuals, the other omnipotent manifestation is pseudo-pride. Like when Americans beat their breasts showing solidarity with cannon-fodder, called soldiers, they in fact do their best to mask their guilt with blatant pseudo-pride. Most of the white Americans of Wisconsin, living on their secluded farms, and sending their boys and gals, to kill the yellow-man, seldom even know if Afghanistan is Middle-East or Central-Asia. And to cover all their ignorance, and participation in killing people by the dozen, they exhibit signs of pseudo-pride. The pride is pseudo, because can you feel proud of killing people, army or no army?
The exhibition of such pseudo-pride to mask guilt can easily be termed as the “Robin Hood syndrome”. See, essentially, Robin Hood was a thief, a common thief or maybe technically a robber. But to mask his illegality, he was posed as a benefactor. Please rest assured that Robin Hood was no revolutionary, fighting against the atrocities of the system. Che Guevara was a revolutionary. He fought against the system. And if you don’t know, the system killed him.
The system did not glorify Che Guevara. It killed him and vilified him, because he refused to feel guilty. He was not ashamed of being poor. On the contrary he took pride in his poverty.
So, mes chers it does not matter if you want to accept or deny your guilt. In this system as soon as you are born, a dossier of guilt is attached to your persona. The guilt for the murder of human beings by Taliban is attached to the persona of any person born to Muslim parents. All your life you are supposed to prove that you are not a terrorist if you were unlucky enough to be named Ahmed.
Any Tom, Dick or Harry holding a developed world passport is free to travel, but anyone like me faces restrictions in doing the same thing. Not long ago I was picked out of a queue of around 50 people at Helsinki’s Vantaa Airport, and was subjected to thorough search, under the premise of random search policy. My question is, why was a colored male, carrying a third world passport picked as a random target? Why did they not opt to conduct thorough search on some white European citizen?
And I am telling you this, because I am not ashamed of being who I am. I don’t feel guilty. But the assholes, who subject people like me to discriminatory policies, are so guilty, and ashamed that they cannot even say it to my face that I am a target, because of whom I am. They always need guilt covering terminologies like “random search”.
So the next time around, when you are forced, covertly, to prove your innocence, please take courage enough to beat the system and ask the “authorities” to at least not lie to you.
If you want to live a normal life, get rid of the guilt mechanism. If you feel ashamed of being a homosexual, change your lifestyle, instead of changing your tag. A rose by any name would smell just as sweet, or just as guilty!
I am not guilty of being born non-white. I am not guilty of being born in the third world. I am not guilty of being named Ali. And so are you. Stop letting the social engineers manipulate you into being ashamed of your skin color. Stop feeling guilty of being a Jew or a negro.
Instead we should start feeling proud of whom and what we are and we should call things by their names. We should accept that Robin Hood was a thief. We should come to terms with the fact that Negros were not guilty of undergoing slavery. We should acknowledge that white Australians committed crimes against humanity. We should accept that Saudi Arabia is the biggest terrorist state in the world. We should accept that James Watson is a racist shmuck, not a scientist.
And by the way, why do we feel ashamed of fucking? This world or let’s say the animal kingdom would seize to exist if the species would fail to fuck. But we feel ashamed of fucking that’s why we make love, have sex or copulate. The word “murder” is ok, but the word “fuck” is very bad. However, “murder” results in extermination, whereas “fuck” results in procreation.
I can talk about “Murder she wrote”, and be considered a learned and civilized person, but if I talk about “The way I fuck”, I am fucked-up.
If you were “lucky enough” to be born in a European, or Europeanized, society, you might not have come across the evils associated with sex. But if you were born in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, India or Saudi Arabia, you could fully appreciate the vilification of sex. All your lives they molest your brains about copulation in such a grand way that most of the times, especially women, feel guilty even fucking with their own husbands.
Why don’t you see a man and a woman holding hands in the streets of Islamabad? The reason is not that they don’t have hands or that they don’t want to hold each other’s hands. The reason is that the system has groomed them into believing that any signs of affection are bad. There is a strong guilt associated with exhibition of affection in such societies.
But, in the same society the exhibition of anger is mostly termed as a sign of courage or even bravery. People are free to fight, verbally or physically, but they are hugely discouraged to publically show affection.

I think that the only guilt, which all of us share, is the guilt of being manipulated. We as human beings have zero control over our lives and our lifestyles. Please, stop feeling guilty of being black, white, Jewish, Muslim, Chinese or Russian. Do not feel guilty of being fat or short or too tall. Stop being offended when called a homosexual, unless you are just feeling gay. 

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